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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mars and Snickers Ice Cream press ads utilizing CGI to create a fantasy ice-cream vans in CGI for top agency AMV BBDO London

Posted to the Bunkspeed Forum today.

Image below is one of two images produced for press ads in the UK, they will appear in lads mags and red top over the summer period.

Modelled in Max rendered Hypershot. More examples can be seen on http://www.air-cgi.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CGI Retoucher Armstrong White Renders in HyperShot for Subaru

Global Ad for PUMA Rendered in HyperShot

This is a recent design adventure into the world of sportswear - a global ad for PUMA. The project was directed by the Danish agency Robert/Boisen. Posters should hit Puma stores around the globe.

I designed the legs following certain design briefings by the client. The given ad theme can be described as the following: Unveiling some uber-tech soccer boots that a fictive Puma research lab is developing secretly. But until these magic shoes are available in the far future, you better stick with the latest foot wear you find in Puma stores today.

For 3D modeling I relied on Autodesk AliasStudio 2009 software and rendered the final wire in Bunkspeed HyperShot Pro

design: Daniel Simon COSMIC MOTORS http://www.danielsimon.com/
client: PUMA AG http://www.pumafootball.com/
agency: ROBERT/BOISEN & Like-minded http://www.rblm.dk/
modeling: AliasStudio2009 http://www.autodesk.com/
rendering: HyperShot Pro www.bunkspeed.com

Print ad for a motorcycle racing parts company in Taiwan

This is a print Ad. for a motorcycle racing parts company in Taiwan.
Rendered in HyperShot and retouched with Photoshop by Bunkspeed forum member hanscwu

Friday, June 12, 2009

Web ad

One of the perfect applications for HyperMove is to create content for what we call the "5 second" spot for the web. It can be used for animated banner ads, or short video spots to tell a story and excite. In this example, the Shot, Move, Drive text was created in Google Sketchup, then extruded, then imported in to HyperMove for animation. The sound and smoke was added in After Effects.

HyperMove Ad Previs

This example uses turntable animation with part animation and some quick compositing with After Effects to mock up an ad. This is purely a comp that takes just minutes to create and communicate to the client.

Animation Previs using HyperMove

Here's another example of pre visualization of an animation of a dove bottle for a television commercial and web spot. The model was imported and duplicated 12 times. It was arranged and animated in HyperMove. Experimentation with camera's yielded an unexpected camera move that just worked. Because HyperMove is so fast and fluid to use, it's typical for the creative to "stumble" upon a cool move or shot.

Animation Previs using HyperMove

In this example, a shoe purchased off the web was used to compose a potential animation to the client. Import of the shoe, animation, and rendering were all completed in less than 20 minutes. This is definitely not final quality by a screen captured real-time session where animation tweaks and changes can be made instantly by the art director.